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NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer

Who's Leading the Way in Smoke Free Laws?


In the NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer you can:

  • Let the tool animate over 5 year increments or manually select the display year in the time slider control.
  • Use controls in the legend to switch between viewing laws pertaining to smoking within Bars, Restaurants, or Workplaces.
  • Show and hide the two layers of information; State smoking laws, or County and City smoking laws.
  • Click on features to view information about currently displayed State, County, or City laws.
  • Pan and zoom the dynamic webmap to investigate specific areas of the country.


The NCI Tobacco Policy Viewer provides access to the following statistics at State, County, or City level:

  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free non-hospitality workplaces, including both public and private non-hospitality workplaces, including, but not limited to, offices, factories, and retail stores.
  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free restaurants, including any attached bar in the restaurant.
  • Laws requiring 100% smoke-free freestanding bars.

The datasets presented in the tool are available for download here:

This information was sourced from the American Non-Smoker's Rights Foundation. Specifically these datasets were derived from the "Chronological Table of U.S. Population Protected by 100% Smokefree State or Local Laws" document located on the Smokefree Lists, Maps, and Data page.

Please note the following correction: The viewer erroneously displayed the information for Houston, TX as that of Texas State between September 7th and October 26th 2016. The downloadable files "State Smoking Laws" and "City Smoking Laws" also included this error. The application and downloads have been corrected to reflect Texas's lack of legislation and the implementation of Houston's laws in 2007.

This map application is not accessible to users of assistive technologies. All of the statistics displayed in the application are available as data tables in an accessible text version.

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