Recent Publications Using SEER Data

Pub. Year Title Author(s)
2013 Geographic variation and sociodemographic disparity in the use of oxaliplatin-containing chemotherapy in patients with stage III colon cancer. Panchal JM; Lairson DR; Chan W; Du XL
2013 Incidence of non-small-cell lung cancer among California Hispanics according to neighborhood socioeconomic status. Wong ML; Clarke CA; Yang J; Hwang J; Hiatt RA; Wang S
2013 Individual and neighborhood socioeconomic status and healthcare resources in relation to black-white breast cancer survival disparities. Akinyemiju TF; Soliman AS; Johnson NJ; Altekruse SF; Welch K; Banerjee M; Schwartz K; Merajver S
2014 Geographic and racial disparities in breast cancer-related outcomes in Georgia. Markossian TW; Hines RB; Bayakly R
2013 Prostate cancer incidence in light of the spatial distribution of another screening-detectable cancer. Gregorio DI; Samociuk H
2013 A cross-sectional analysis of light at night, neighborhood sociodemographics and urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin concentrations: implications for the conduct of health studies. Hurley S; Nelson DO; Garcia E; Gunier R; Hertz A; Reynolds P
2013 Neighborhood socio-economic disadvantage and race/ethnicity as predictors of breast cancer stage at diagnosis. Flores YN; Davidson PL; Nakazono TT; Carreon DC; Mojica CM; Bastani R
2014 Immigration factors and prostate cancer survival among Hispanic men in California: does neighborhood matter? Schupp CW; Press DJ; Gomez SL
2014 Colorectal cancer incidence in Asian populations in California: effect of nativity and neighborhood-level factors. Ladabaum U; Clarke CA; Press DJ; Mannalithara A; Myer PA; Cheng I; Gomez SL
2014 Hospital and geographic variability in thirty-day all-cause mortality following colorectal cancer surgery. Schootman M; Lian M; Pruitt SL; Deshpande AD; Hendren S; Mutch M; Jeffe DB; Davidson N
2014 Spatial analysis of adherence to treatment guidelines for advanced-stage ovarian cancer and the impact of race and socioeconomic status. Bristow RE; Chang J; Ziogas A; Anton-Culver H; Vieira VM
2014 An ecological analysis of the incidence of invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix in Hispanic women in the United States. Ward KK; Roncancio AM; Cano MA; Plaxe SC
2014 Continued rapid increase in thyroid cancer incidence in california: trends by patient, tumor, and neighborhood characteristics. Horn-Ross PL; Lichtensztajn DY; Clarke CA; Dosiou C; Oakley-Girvan I; Reynolds P; Gomez SL; Nelson DO
2014 Colorectal cancer mortality among Hispanics in California: differences by neighborhood socioeconomic status and nativity. Tao L; Ladabaum U; Gomez SL; Cheng I
2014 Incidence and geographic distribution of adult acute leukemia in the state of Georgia. El Rassi F; Ward KC; Flowers CR; Heffner LT; Waller EK; Winton EF; Vaughn J; Hill BG; Langston A; Nooka A; Arellano M; Khoury HJ
2014 Elderly breast and colorectal cancer patients' clinical course: patient and contextual influences. Lamont EB; Zaslavsky AM; Subramanian SV; Meilleur AE; He Y; Landrum MB
2014 Racial and ethnic disparities in cancer survival by neighborhood socioeconomic status in Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Registries. Kish JK; Yu M; Percy-Laurry A; Altekruse SF
2014 Missed opportunities: racial and neighborhood socioeconomic disparities in emergency colorectal cancer diagnosis and surgery. Pruitt SL; Davidson NO; Gupta S; Yan Y; Schootman M
2014 Accuracy of residential geocoding in the Agricultural Health Study. Jones RR; DellaValle CT; Flory AR; Nordan A; Hoppin JA; Hofmann JN; Chen H; Giglierano J; Lynch CF; Beane Freeman LE; Rushton G; Ward MH
2015 Geographic access and age-related variation in chemotherapy use in elderly with metastatic breast cancer. Wan S; Jubelirer S
2015 Epidemiologic study of residential proximity to transmission lines and childhood cancer in California: description of design, epidemiologic methods and study population. Kheifets L; Crespi CM; Hooper C; Oksuzyan S; Cockburn M; Ly T; Mezei G
2015 Nativity and neighborhood characteristics and cervical cancer stage at diagnosis and survival outcomes among Hispanic women in California. Gomez N; Guendelman S; Harley KG; Gomez SL
2015 Spatial analysis of advanced-stage ovarian cancer mortality in California. Bristow RE; Chang J; Ziogas A; Gillen DL; Bai L; Vieira VM
2015 Estimating demand and unmet need for allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in the United States using geographic information systems. Besse KL; Preussler JM; Murphy EA; Denzen EM; Lill MC; Chell JW; Senneka MK; Majhail NS; Williams EP
2015 Racial and geographic disparities in the patterns of care and costs at the end of life for patients with lung cancer in 2007-2010 after the 2006 introduction of bevacizumab. Du XL; Parikh RC; Lairson DR
2015 Pesticide exposure and hepatocellular carcinoma risk: A case-control study using a geographic information system (GIS) to link SEER-Medicare and California pesticide data. VoPham T; Brooks MM; Yuan JM; Talbott EO; Ruddell D; Hart JE; Chang CC; Weissfeld JL
2015 Geographic disparities in late stage breast cancer incidence: results from eight states in the United States. Tatalovich Z; Zhu L; Rolin A; Lewis DR; Harlan LC; Winn DM
2015 The Relationship between Neighborhood Immigrant Composition, Limited English Proficiency, and Late-Stage Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis in California. Mojica CM; Glenn BA; Chang C; Bastani R
2016 Geographic variation in the use of adjuvant therapy among elderly patients with resected non-small cell lung cancer. Schroeder MC; Tien YY; Wright K; Halfdanarson TR; Abu-Hejleh T; Brooks JM
2016 Variation in geographic access to chemotherapy by definitions of providers and service locations: a population-based observational study. Schroeder MC; Chapman CG; Nattinger MC; Halfdanarson TR; Abu-Hejleh T; Tien YY; Brooks JM
2016 Light at night and breast cancer incidence in Connecticut: An ecological study of age group effects. Portnov BA; Stevens RG; Samociuk H; Wakefield D; Gregorio DI
2017 Temporal Trends in Geographic and Sociodemographic Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Among Medicare Patients, 1973-2010. Liang PS; Mayer JD; Wakefield J; Ko CW
2017 Impact of community disadvantage and air pollution burden on geographic disparities of ovarian cancer survival in California. Vieira VM; Villanueva C; Chang J; Ziogas A; Bristow RE
2017 Protecting Confidentiality in Cancer Registry Data With Geographic Identifiers. Yu M; Reiter JP; Zhu L; Liu B; Cronin KA; Feuer EJR
2017 Lung cancer incidence trends in California by race/ethnicity, histology, sex, and neighborhood socioeconomic status: An analysis spanning 28 years. Patel MI; McKinley M; Cheng I; Haile R; Wakelee H; Gomez SL
2017 Patient, Hospital, and Geographic Disparities in Laparoscopic Surgery Use Among Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare Patients With Colon Cancer. Ratnapradipa KL; Lian M; Jeffe DB; Davidson NO; Eberth JM; Pruitt SL; Schootman M
2017 Association between the neighborhood obesogenic environment and colorectal cancer risk in the Multiethnic Cohort. Canchola AJ; Shariff-Marco S; Yang J; Albright C; Hertz A; Park SY; Shvetsov YB; Monroe KR; Le Marchand L; Gomez SL; Wilkens LR; Cheng I
2017 Do geographic differences or socioeconomic disparities affect survival in sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma? Zhou AH; Chung SY; Patel VR; Unsal AA; Hsueh WD; Baredes S; Eloy JA
2016 Geographic Variation in Oxaliplatin Chemotherapy and Survival in Patients With Colon Cancer. Panchal JM; Lairson DR; Chan W; Du XL;
2014 Patient, hospital, and geographic disparities associated with comanagement during hospitalization for colorectal cancer surgery. de Vries S; Jeffe DB; Pruitt SL; Davidson NO; Schootman M;
2014 Individual and ecological factors associated with early detection of nodular melanoma in the United States. Moreau JF; Weinstock MA; Geller AC; Winger DG; Ferris LK;
2014 Hospital and geographic variability in two colorectal cancer surgery outcomes: complications and mortality after complications. Schootman M; Lian M; Pruitt SL; Hendren S; Mutch M; Deshpande AD; Jeffe DB; Davidson NO;
2015 Contribution of the Neighborhood Environment and Obesity to Breast Cancer Survival: The California Breast Cancer Survivorship Consortium. Cheng I; Shariff-Marco S; Koo J; Monroe KR; Yang J; John EM; Kurian AW; Kwan ML; Henderson BE; Bernstein L; Lu Y; Sposto R; Vigen C; Wu AH; Gomez SL; Keegan TH;
2016 The Effect of Patient and Contextual Characteristics on Racial/Ethnic Disparity in Breast Cancer Mortality. Sposto R; Keegan TH; Vigen C; Kwan ML; Bernstein L; John EM; Cheng I; Yang J; Koo J; Kurian AW; Caan BJ; Lu Y; Monroe KR; Shariff-Marco S; Gomez SL; Wu AH;
2018 Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Survival: The Contribution of Tumor, Sociodemographic, Institutional, and Neighborhood Characteristics. Ellis L; Canchola AJ; Spiegel D; Ladabaum U; Haile R; Gomez SL
2018 Characterizing the neighborhood obesogenic environment in the Multiethnic Cohort: a multi-level infrastructure for cancer health disparities research. Conroy SM; Shariff-Marco S; Yang J; Hertz A; Cockburn M; Shvetsov YB; Clarke CA; Abright CL; Haiman CA; Le Marchand L; Kolonel LN; Monroe KR; Wilkens LR; Gomez SL; Cheng I;
2018 Temporal and geospatial trends of pediatric cancer incidence in Nebraska over a 24-year period. Farazi PA; Watanabe-Galloway S; Westman L; Rettig B; Hunt P; Cammack R; Sparks JW; Coulter DW
2018 Impact of individual and neighborhood factors on disparities in prostate cancer survival. DeRouen MC; Schupp CW; Koo J; Yang J; Hertz A; Shariff-Marco S; Cockburn M; Nelson DO; Ingles SA; John EM; Gomez SL
2018 A statewide investigation of geographic lung cancer incidence patterns and radon exposure in a low-smoking population. Ou JY; Fowler B; Ding Q; Kirchhoff AC; Pappas L; Boucher K; Akerley W; Wu Y; Kaphingst K; Harding G; Kepka D
2018 Neighborhood disadvantage and racial disparities in colorectal cancer incidence: a population-based study in Louisiana. Danos DM; Ferguson TF; Simonsen NR;Leonardi C;Yu Q;Wu XC;Scribner RA
2018 Incidence of lung cancer histologic cell-types according to neighborhood factors: A population based study in California. DeRouen MC; Hu L; McKinley M; Gali K; Patel M; Clarke C; Wakelee H; Haile R; Gomez SL; Cheng I
2018 Factors Contributing To Geographic Variation In End-Of-Life Expenditures For Cancer Patients. Keating NL; Huskamp HA; Kouri E; Schrag D; Hornbrook MC; Haggstrom DA; Landrum MB
2018 The influence of neighborhood socioeconomic status and ethnic enclave on endometrial cancer mortality among Hispanics and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in California. Von Behren J; Abrahao R; Goldberg D; Gomez SL; Setiawan VW; Cheng I
2018 Disparities in hepatocellular carcinoma incidence by race/ethnicity and geographic area in California: Implications for prevention. Yang B; Liu JB; So SK; Han SS; Wang SS; Hertz A; Shariff-Marco S; Lin Gomez S; Rosenberg PS; Nguyen MH; Hsing AW
2018 Impact of individual and neighborhood factors on socioeconomic disparities in localized and advanced prostate cancer risk. DeRouen MC; Schupp CW; Yang J; Koo J; Hertz A; Shariff-Marco S; Cockburn M; Nelson DO; Ingles SA; Cheng I; John EM; Gomez SL
2018 Increased Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Associated With Neighborhood Concentrated Disadvantage. Danos D; Leonardi C; Gilliland A; Shankar S; Srivastava RK; Simonsen N; Ferguson T; Yu Q; Wu XC; Scribner R
2018 Kernel density analysis reveals a halo pattern of breast cancer incidence in Connecticut. Rybnikova N; Stevens RG; Gregorio DI; Samociuk H; Portnov BA
2019 Residential mobility in early childhood and the impact on misclassification in pesticide exposures. Ling C; Heck JE; Cockburn M; Liew Z; Marcotte E; Ritz B
2020 Prenatal pesticide exposure and childhood leukemia - A California statewide case-control study. Park AS; Ritz B; Yu F; Cockburn M; Heck JE

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